December 7 – 18, 8:00am to 4:00pm

Visit our Holiday Clearance Sale and SAVE BIG on Gifts, Snack, Stocking Stuffers and Wrapping Paper!

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December 10 – 20, 8:00am to 4:00pm

Visit our Holiday Clearance Sale and SAVE BIG on Gifts, Snack, Stocking Stuffers and Wrapping Paper!

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Share the gift of giving with your school this holiday season!

Our holiday shop is a yearly tradition that thousands of school students look forward to each year. Featuring over 115 great gift items to choose from, your students will have no trouble finding that special something for their loved ones. We offer special bonuses for schools that sign up before October 31, so hurry and give us a call today.

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Our Annual Warehouse Clearance Sale

70% to 90% OFF EVERYTHING!!!

June 25 – July 16

Behind Acme Plaza (Docks 4 & 5) in Coventry, Ohio

(3235 Manchester Road Plaza. Look for signs.)

Visit our annual warehouse sale and take advantage of 70-90% discounts on a wide variety of gift, holiday and household items. Both small and large quantities available. All are welcome to take advantage of these huge savings!

A HUGE selection of items will be on display for individual or wholesale deals. Our collection of items are perfect for gifts, prizes, school santa shops, wholesale dealers and home decorations. Stop by and see for yourself!

A sample of items that will be for sale include:

  • Holiday & Occasion Gift Wrapping Paper
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Home Decorations
  • Games & Toys for the Kids
  • Scented Candles
  • Insulated Mugs and cups (Team & Logo Mugs)
  • Fun plant sets and flower bulbs
  • Holiday gifts and decor
  • and MUCH MORE!!!

Find the Right Person for the Job

Matching an open leadership position with the right person just got a little easier; check out these key roles and the talents and skills they call for. If your organization is looking to fill some spots on your fundraising board, now is the time to nominate next year’s leaders. Read more

How to Keep and Grow Your Volunteers

If recruiting volunteers to help out your parent group organization seems difficult, then you must make it a priority to keep them once they’re there. Here’s a few helpful tips on how to maintain and grow your volunteer base. Read more

“I Need Volunteers”

Nonprofit organizations like PTA’s, PTO’s, church groups, little leagues, and community associations are powered by volunteers. So, recruiting, building, and maintaining a volunteer corps can be a key component of your organizations success. You’ll find some great ideas for recruiting volunteers below. In addition, we have listed some best practices for school parent organizations and other nonprofits that want to build and grow their volunteer base.  Read more

Visit Great Western Reserve for their Once-A-Year Warehouse Clearance Event!

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Great Western Reserve Fundraising is one of the top school fundraising companies in the country, and we can help you with your high school, middle school and elementary school fundraising ideas!

Great Western Reserve Fundraising’s Top 5 Best School Fundraisers

  1. Believe in the Magic – Holiday Shopper: Is our largest fundraising brochure and has proven successful for a variety of fundraising groups including sports teams, cheerleaders, bands and choirs. Our brochure has something for everyone, from holiday gifts to plants. Look through our latest holiday fundraiser brochure to see all of our products that are sure to help your school reach its financial goal!
  2. Otis Spunkmeyer Frozen Cookie Dough: This cookie dough fundraiser is a school favorite because of everyone loves delicious Otis Spunkmeyer cookies! GWRC Fundraising will guide you through planning and executing a successful cookie dough fundraiser to make it stress-free. We will also pack all of the cookie dough fundraising products for your students instead of your PTO/PTA.
  3. Premium Reserve Collection: It’s that time of the year again, when parents start to ask when their favorite brochure fundraising event is coming back. They can still taste the mouth-watering Heath® and M&M® cookies, the sweet and salty Auntie Anne’s pretzels and three cheese garlic biscuit mix. With our premium reserve collection of gourmet items, receiving financial support for your school is easy! Try one of our favorite spring fundraising ideas today.
  4. Holiday Santa Shoppe: GWRC believes that there is always an opportunity for students to learn, even while participating in school fundraisers. Teachers and parents enjoy this fundraiser because it teaches their students the joy of giving as well as money budgeting. For students, this is a chance for them to think of their family and pick out something special for each of their loved ones before the holiday. In addition, this high profit fundraiser is always successful which gives schools additional funding to provide more educational activities for its students. 85% of our gift items are priced at $5 or less, making this a great fundraiser for all families. Look through our brochure fundraising catalog for more information.
  5. Color-A-Thon:  The Color Run Craze that’s sweeping that nation can now earn your school or organization money! From start to colorful finish we provide you with the tools you’ll need to make this a huge success – including planning guides, flags and route markers, finish line, t-shirts, color packs, and even our Money Management Software for credit card processing.

 We’ve helped public and private schools reach their financial goals and have raised more than $100 million, Contact Us and let us help you reach your fundraising goals.

Let us help you plan your next fundraising event. 800-666-4136


School fundraising programs can be time consuming and hard to organize, but when you choose an exciting fundraiser you’ll have no problem getting your entire student body to participate!

Below are ten spring fundraising ideas for kids that will bring the fun back into fundraising.

1. Pancake Breakfast: Food always brings in people and pancakes are an easy meal to prepare. First, have students sell tickets for the breakfast for a few weeks in advance. Then, simply set up large tables in the gym or cafeteria on Saturday morning to feed your hungry supporters.

2. Spring Carnival: Now that the school year is winding down, why not reward your students with a day of fun that will also raise funding for your school? There’s something truly magnetic about carnivals that attracts the whole community, young and old. The carnival can feature clowns and inflatable slides or can have competitive games that “cost” a certain number of raffle tickets.

3. Flower or Flower Bulb Sale: As families are gearing up to start completing some long awaited yard work, have a flower sale. Be sure to provide a range of flowers that have different maintenance needs.

4. Car Wash: Car washes are truly beneficial during this time of the year because everyone is excited to no longer have salt marks and icicles dripping down their car. Popular with a variety of groups, this can be hosted at the school’s parking lot with a concurrent bake sale for folks waiting to get their cars washed.

5. Battle of the Bands: There are always a few bands looking for their big break, give it to them with a fundraising concert. Before the event, audition your local bands to make sure they are appropriate. Sell tickets with the help of the bands and share a portion of the proceeds with the last band standing.

6. Night at the Movies: Team up with a local movie theater to share the profits of the tickets for a particular movie.

7. Pie the Principal: Who doesn’t like a little revenge? In conjunction with a fundraiser, set the prize for the top three fundraisers to pie the principal or other staff in the face!

8. Chocolate Sale: Chocolate is the perfect gift for the mothers and other important women in your children’s lives. Set up a sale that will deliver the orders to the children before Mother’s Day.

9. Fun Run: Runs and walkathons are especially good for cheerleading and baseball fundraisers because it promotes leading an active life. Students can collect donations based on their personal run or even a set amount per lap.

10. Spring fundraisers are a lot like a fun run. Fundraising can seem like too big of a hurdle to leap over at first, but once it’s over you can look back at the brief moments of exhaustion and be proud of everything you have achieved.

If you are still overwhelmed at your spring fundraiser choices, let Great Western Reserve Fundraising help you plan a simple and successful fundraising event. Browse our spring fundraising programs 2015 brochure for more amazing fundraising ideas that can apply to daycare fundraisers and other spring fundraising groups. Contact us today for more information.