Premium Reserve Cookie Dough



  • Extended Shelf Life Cookie Dough
  • Edible Cookie Dough!
  • Higher Profit Products
  • Catalog and Online Ordering


Launch your next fundraising program off with some of the finest shelf-stable cookie doughs, cheesecakes, brownies, funnel cakes, gourmet popcorns, edible cookie doughs, soups and party dips available! This winning, order-taker program is perfect for the elementary school, church group, band/choir or Little League organization looking to raise money the easy and delicious way – selling products that everyone loves!

Our PREMIUM RESERVE COLLECTION is one of the most popular, and highest-profit programs! Virtually a self-seller – and here’s why:

  • DELICIOUS, SHELF STABLE COOKIE DOUGH! Our Premium Reserve Cookie Dough is made with the finest ingredients and includes some of the most recognizable names in mouth-watering flavor, Quaker® Oats, M&M® candies, Heath® pieces, Andes® mints, and many more. Your satisfaction IS GUARANTEED! Cookie Dough is available in a dozen different, ready-to-bake recipes including a highly popular, Chocolate Lovers Variety Pack. (For those who refuse to choose!)
  • CHEESECAKE mixes in flavors such as Pumpkin and Caramel Apple. A fall favorite!
  • GOURMET POPCORN and CANDY! Excite your family and friends with some of the best tasting popcorn ever!
  • FUNNEL CAKES AND CHOCOLATE BROWNIE MIXES – Bursting with double chocolate or powdery sugar flavors.
  • HOMEMADE GOURMET – SOUP, PARTY DIPS and LOUISIANA GUMBO MIXES: Double-pack boxes so your patrons can enjoy them now and later. Flavors include Baked Potato Soup, Fiesta Soup Trio, White Chicken Chili Mix, Three Cheese Garlic Biscuits, Real Dill and Jalapeno Dip Mixes, Cheese Ball mixes, and the Creole favorite, Louisiana Gumbo!

Easy Online Ordering Option!

We include the latest, and most secure, online fundraising software with each catalog sale – allowing items to be purchased using credit/debit cards! Your students can promote their programs by email, social media and/or mobile texting. Our online cookie dough and frozen food orders are available for free Ship-to-School delivery option. As PTO/PTA organizer, you’ll be able to directly promote your sale to your group while tracking participation and sales numbers in real time!