Elevate Your Fundraising Game!

Quick, Easy and Innovative Team Fundraising Ideas

GW Sports has 40+ years of group fundraising experience and has developed the newest fundraising ideas for sports teams and other group types. Call us today to learn about our innovative team fundraising ideas that use video kick-offs, online promotions and other funding methods that help you quickly raise money, then get back to coaching.


Most group and coaches don’t have the time for complicated fundraising programs. GW Sports offers band, choir, cheerleading and team sports fundraising ideas that work and make it easy for players, coaches and families to participate.

Digital Flexibility.
Paper forms, brochures and heavy catalogs are gone! You can still request them if you want, but your team might not have time for that. After a quick 5-minute online registration process, your players are given all the tools they need to share your program with everyone by email, mobile text messages and Facebook sharing.

Our fundraising event kick-offs are direct, informative and fun. Participants are given what they need to get started with clear instruction on what’s expected of them. As a coach, you can even have them complete this process before leaving practice. 100% participation is key, we make that easy for you. We even offer them great prizes to earn along the way. Not disposable trinkets either – we’re talking about the custom logo’ed good stuff!


Great Western Sports is moving team fundraising into the modern age. Reach out to us and we’ll let you know how we will help your team, band or cheerleading group reach their financial goals – quicker and easier than ever before.

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