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Our Success Model

Thank you for considering Great Western Reserve as your next fundraising partner!

We’ve Set the Standard for Fundraising Success!

Since 1981, Great Western Reserve Fundraising has helped all types of organizations and fundraising directors generate the dollars needed to achieve their goals and carry out their missions!

Our formula for success begins with a huge team of helpful, friendly and knowledgeable consultants who work closely with you to plan out your fundraising event. From establishing funding goals, to selecting the right program, to guiding your group through every step of your campaign, Great Western Reserve consultants are driven by your success.

Each fundraising program is customized exclusively for your school, club or organization:

  • We’ll produce a cover letter to your specifications.
  • We include a prize section right on the order form to simplify prize ordering.
  • We package and deliver all brochures for your students.
  • We provide a full spectrum of computerized recordkeeping on-site to free you from that time-consuming task.
  • Our stylized money collection envelopes are printed with each child’s order on the front.
  • Each and every order is individually bagged, packed and shipped.
  • We gladly accept unsold products, no-questions-asked, for up to 30 days after delivery!
  • Damaged merchandise? We’ll quickly replace those products and provide a guarantee on all products to your customers’ satisfaction.

Shhhhh!Here’s the Secret to Our Fundraising Success

LIGHTNING FAST SERVICE – We stock our products and prizes locally for extremely fast service.

WE DO EVERYTHING – Including fast, friendly delivery in our highly recognized trucks for personalized service.

WE KNOW HOW TO GET KIDS FIRED UP! – We even conduct a high-energy, fun and informative assembly to kick off your fundraising program.

VISUALS DRIVE ACTION – Need a product and prize display to remind kids? We make one available for your school.

A-1 ATTITUDE – We’ve got the friendliest and most helpful fundraising experts on the planet! They love to help and are truly driven by your success!

TOP-NOTCH PRODUCTS – We know the key to sales success is to offer the best product available, and we strive to showcase the highest quality products! Buyers love that in a fundraising program, and they’ll respond favorable to yours!