Fundraising Technology, Built for Success!

Wouldn’t you like to add 15% to 20% to your fundraiser sales and participation?

The age of door-to-door selling is not only long gone, but highly advised against.  What’s better, is we’ve built a system of selling tools that will work harder and smarter for you to reach your goal. Our fundraising technology is included, FREE OF CHARGE, with every one of our fundraising programs and has proven invaluable to selling organizations, often adding 15-20% to their final sales number.  Now that we have your attention, let’s dig deeper into what we offer:

Our custom-built fundraising software does most of the work for you!

  • School/Organization dedicated fundraising web page.
  • PTO/admin access to promote registration, email reminders, and track both sales and participation – in live time.
  • Students register either on website, or mobile phone to create their very own (and private) web store.
  • Students can share their fundraising web store by mobile text, email, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media method.
  • Family and friends can shop and pay online using a credit card – directly from the student’s private web store.
  • All online orders are combined with paper order forms. Students receive full credit for all purchases.
  • Each student web store is personalized with a custom message and photo of the student.
  • PTO chairpersons can promote, remind or encourage their group to participate by using our email template, or mobile texting platform.

Custom fundraising software also means custom delivery options!

Offering online credit card payment is great! It saves time and eliminates the need for teachers and students to handle money. But its not the only advantage! Now, out of town family and friends can share in your school’s fundraising success by purchasing items directly online, AND having them delivered directly to their homes! Before entering the student’s web store, shoppers are given the option of “ship to school” (free of charge) or “ship to home (+actual UPS fees), adding a truly “hands-free” fundraising element. This “ship to home” method is available for all hard goods and candies. Frozen cookie doughs and foods can be purchased online, but only be delivered to the school with the entire order. (Our cookie dough ships, and remains, frozen up to final delivery.)