Free Fundraising Prizes and Student Incentive Programs

We’re Proud to Offer the Nation’s Largest Fundraising Prize Program and Incentive Packages!

Sometimes the kids need a little boost of excitement. That is why Great Western Reserve Fundraising offers the best selection of products available AND the most rewarding free prize program and incentives you’ll find anywhere!

Our accumulative prize program is designed to reward those students who go “above and beyond” the call of duty in selling products, while acting as a helpful incentive to keep students interested in actively participating in their fundraising event. We offer some of the highest profit percentages in the fundraising industry AND include this prize poster FREE OF CHARGE!  Each student will receive a large prize poster in their packet to keep them in the selling mood. View a PDF of our current accumulative prize poster by clicking on the poster image.

Examples of Special Fundraising Incentive Programs:

Depending on the specific school agreement and the total amount of funds raised, your school or organization can enjoy a special “rewards day” to celebrate your success and recognize your top sellers! Imagine handing out cash rewards to your best fundraisers, or hosting a pizza, pop and ice cream party for your school! We make it happen! Here are other “rewards day” events we’ve hosted in the past:

Limo Lunch — The top two sellers in each grade are whisked away in a stretch limousine (by Thomas Classic Limo) to their favorite lunch spot!

Bounce House — Your students will literally jump for joy in the gigantic bounce house that we set up on your school grounds!

Pig Races — The kids will be squealing with delight as they compete for pig bragging rights by racing these battery-operated stuffed animals around the gym floor!

Video Game Trailers — It’s “Game On!” time for the kids as they’re treated to their own on-site game trailer for an afternoon! Our custom game trailers feature 10 individual video stations and the latest games!

Pie Contest — Get the top administrator involved by hosting a “Pie in the Face” contest! Kids love it when the individual they look up to participates!

Hot Tickets — Sporting events, waterparks, amusement parks…We’ve got tickets to all of them and want to award them to your best sellers!

Spirit Wear — Team members can “represent” by sporting shoelaces, t-shirts, hats, hoodies or other apparel to rally for the cause!

Big Rewards for Your School or Organization Too!

From cash signing bonuses, library books and school equipment, to mega-parties, popcorn machines, big screens and much more, our prize programs enable your school to earn great rewards too! And students not only earn credits towards prizes from the items they sell, they also get credit for all ONLINE ORDERS as well!