Common Fundraising Questions

Great Western Reserve has been a fundraising staple since 1981 and have raised millions of dollars for organizations like yours. Along the way we’ve collected some common fundraising questions that might help you through the planning and fundraising process. Click the tabs below for answers to these common questions.

That’s easy, a GOAL! Once you identify what your fundraising goal will be, we can help you build the perfect program to achieve it. The information we’ll start with is:  Group Size, Age Range, Start/End Dates, Previous Fundraising Experience and Sponsor/Contact Person.  With this information, we’ll be able to set you up with everything you need to get started. Fill out the form on this page to start right now.

From start to finish, we’ll make sure you have the best possible fundraising experience. Once we decide what the best fundraising program is for your group, you’ll fill out our fundraising agreement to enter your dates into our system. We’ll send you the requested student packets, parent letters, access to your own online fundraising store, emails to help your group register and shop online, prize posters, phone and email support, product delivery scheduling and notifications, and even a return UPS label to ship your order forms back to us when you’re done!

You’ve heard the saying, “the early bird gets the worm,” right? The same can be said about school fundraising. Many of your surrounding schools may be starting their program within the first couple weeks of the new school year. It’s always best to get your group out selling early, before family and friends start supporting other fundraising programs.  We work with PTO/PTA Sponsors throughout the entire school year to make sure their able to reserve any start date they choose. Many groups schedule their next fundraisers immediately after the completion of their current one. It’s never to early to get on the schedule. PLUS, we offer CASH BONUSES for early registration. Contact us today!

We recommend a two to three week duration. That will give you enough time to introduce your program to your family and friends, remind them along the way, and contact them one last time without feeling like they’re pressured.

This is where we excel!  Of course you’ll receive the standard student packet that contains and order form, catalog and prize poster, but you’ll also receive access to our online selling technology too. Our specially designed software will allow your school, and all participants, to register and create their very own selling web store. From here, family and friends can browse, shop and purchase items from your catalog directly online. No more door-to-door selling – which we highly oppose! Your students will be able to register and share their store by email or mobile text!  As a PTO Sponsor, you’ll be able to track your online progress, including sales and participation, in real time!

Yes! However, how you choose to kick-off your fundraising program is entirely up to you. We’re based out of Ohio, but have sales representatives in multiple states throughout the nation that can start your program up with an exciting presentation. For remote schools, or organizations who prefer to handle that themselves, we can assist you in the planning process to make sure your fundraiser starts, and ends, in an exciting way.

We’ve provided a link to our online fundraising software within their student packet -or- you can click the “Shop + Register” button on this website. From there, you’ll use the SCHOOL ID and STUDENT ID (red, 7-digit number found on their paper order form) to register. Be sure to fill out as many ways to promote your fundraiser, including email addresses and any social media networks you belong to. The software will do the rest!

Yes! Our online software matches every student’s online sales with their order form sales. Prizes will be conveniently packed with your product order.

Our fundraising software builds a personalized web store for each student or participant. You’ll be able to email, or share via social media, your fundraising program with anyone in the world. Certain products are available for “Ship to Home” delivery (+ shipping fee) and still count towards your students sales. Frozen items, such as our cookie doughs and pies, cannot be shipped to home and will ship with the school’s entire order for hand-to-hand, frozen delivery.