School fundraising programs can be time consuming and hard to organize, but when you choose an exciting fundraiser you’ll have no problem getting your entire student body to participate!

Below are ten spring fundraising ideas for kids that will bring the fun back into fundraising.

1. Pancake Breakfast: Food always brings in people and pancakes are an easy meal to prepare. First, have students sell tickets for the breakfast for a few weeks in advance. Then, simply set up large tables in the gym or cafeteria on Saturday morning to feed your hungry supporters.

2. Spring Carnival: Now that the school year is winding down, why not reward your students with a day of fun that will also raise funding for your school? There’s something truly magnetic about carnivals that attracts the whole community, young and old. The carnival can feature clowns and inflatable slides or can have competitive games that “cost” a certain number of raffle tickets.

3. Flower or Flower Bulb Sale: As families are gearing up to start completing some long awaited yard work, have a flower sale. Be sure to provide a range of flowers that have different maintenance needs.

4. Car Wash: Car washes are truly beneficial during this time of the year because everyone is excited to no longer have salt marks and icicles dripping down their car. Popular with a variety of groups, this can be hosted at the school’s parking lot with a concurrent bake sale for folks waiting to get their cars washed.

5. Battle of the Bands: There are always a few bands looking for their big break, give it to them with a fundraising concert. Before the event, audition your local bands to make sure they are appropriate. Sell tickets with the help of the bands and share a portion of the proceeds with the last band standing.

6. Night at the Movies: Team up with a local movie theater to share the profits of the tickets for a particular movie.

7. Pie the Principal: Who doesn’t like a little revenge? In conjunction with a fundraiser, set the prize for the top three fundraisers to pie the principal or other staff in the face!

8. Chocolate Sale: Chocolate is the perfect gift for the mothers and other important women in your children’s lives. Set up a sale that will deliver the orders to the children before Mother’s Day.

9. Fun Run: Runs and walkathons are especially good for cheerleading and baseball fundraisers because it promotes leading an active life. Students can collect donations based on their personal run or even a set amount per lap.

10. Spring fundraisers are a lot like a fun run. Fundraising can seem like too big of a hurdle to leap over at first, but once it’s over you can look back at the brief moments of exhaustion and be proud of everything you have achieved.

If you are still overwhelmed at your spring fundraiser choices, let Great Western Reserve Fundraising help you plan a simple and successful fundraising event. Browse our spring fundraising programs 2015 brochure for more amazing fundraising ideas that can apply to daycare fundraisers and other spring fundraising groups. Contact us today for more information.