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Finding Next Year’s PTO Officers

Find the Right Person for the Job Matching an open leadership position with the right person just got a little easier; check out these key roles and the talents and skills they call for. If your organization is looking to fill some spots on your fundraising board, now is the time to nominate next year’s […]

Maintaining and Growing Your Volunteer Base

How to Keep and Grow Your Volunteers If recruiting volunteers to help out your PTO/PTA organization seems difficult, then you must make it a priority to keep them once they’re there. Here’s a few helpful tips on how to maintain and grow your volunteer base.

How Do I Get Volunteers for Our Organization?

“I Need Volunteers” Nonprofit organizations like PTA’s, PTO’s, church groups, little leagues, and community associations are powered by volunteers. So, recruiting, building, and maintaining a volunteer corps can be a key component of your organizations success. You’ll find some great ideas for recruiting volunteers below. In addition, we have listed some best practices for PTA, […]

School Fundraiser Ideas

Great Western Reserve Fundraising is one of the top school fundraising companies in the country, and we can help you with your high school, middle school and elementary school fundraising ideas! Great Western Reserve Fundraising’s Top 5 Best School Fundraisers Believe in the Magic – Holiday Shopper: Is our largest fundraising brochure and has proven […]

10 Spring Fundraising Ideas for Kids

School fundraising programs can be time consuming and hard to organize, but when you choose an exciting fundraiser you’ll have no problem getting your entire student body to participate! Below are ten spring fundraising ideas for kids that will bring the fun back into fundraising. 1. Pancake Breakfast: Food always brings in people and pancakes […]